Turtle On A Post

“What’s one thing you can know for sure about a turtle on a fencepost?”

I first heard this question my freshman year in college. It’s a question that is intended to inspire a journey into a multitude of questions and infinite unknowns. The question makes you wonder about meaning, purpose, and sacrifice. The answer to the question, however, sounds like a punchline to a joke, and, like so many other punchlines, it holds deep meaning.

“So, what is one thing you can know for sure about a turtle on a fencepost,” you ask?

It didn’t get there by itself.

Now before you scroll to the bottom of the page and leave a nasty comment….actually, go ahead and do that. Feedback through the comments section has been a little dry lately, but I digress.

…back to the turtle story.

There are many achievements in life that culminate with a grand finish. You have achievements that you look at with pride. You know how much sacrifice it took for them to occur. You know the hours of dedication, the setbacks you had to endure, and the pain you had to play through. But the achievement happened. You won!

You are a leader. You have people who look to you for answers, guidance, and direction. You have achieved a place in life where others rely on you. This is an awesome thing.

Now let me throw a different curve at you.

At this very moment, your life is a culmination of a total number of
               and days.

Who are the people who have supported the achievement that is “you”?

Who are the encouragers? The supporters? The ones who listened? The ones who were scarred in battle next to you? The ones who cheer, with hands reaching to the sky, because of the person you have become?

Take time to remember those people. Take time to appreciate those people.

One last question:

What’s one thing you can know for sure when you look at who you have become?

One thought on “Turtles

  1. Tammie

    this was great , and it so make me remember all that have prayed for me and have been there for me in all i have done ! thanks for the thought!!!!!

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