Leading From Within

“This is why, I think, so many companies fail. Not because of challenges in the marketplace, but because of challenges on the inside.”
– Howard Schultz, Onward

There are many times that I have heard leaders point to things outside of their organizations as obstacles to growth and/or reasons for why efforts for success are failing.

The truth is, if it is solid and healthy on the inside, your organization can weather most storms that come from the outside. Easy? No. Survivable? Yes.

Flip that scenario around, and it’s a different story. If your organization is not healthy on the inside, it is doomed to be an obstacle to its own success. I’m sure you know of at least one example that proves this point.

As a leader, what are you doing to make your organization stronger?

Invest in those whom you’re leading.

When you took on your position of leadership you did more than just take on a role to manage people. You accepted a purpose – a purpose to develop those whom you are leading. When you don’t take the time to invest in them and help them grow as employees, as future leaders, and in character as people, you neglect one of the greatest opportunities you have. Not only will it benefit your organization to have more leaders being developed, but the relationships you form in the process can be very fulfilling.

Invest in the culture of your organization.

Take some time to assess the culture of your workplace. What is it like? Is it a place where people want to come to work? Or is it a place where people spend their time web-surfing the Help Wanted section of the newspapers online? What are some strategic things you can do to make the environment more uplifting? A place where people want to work because they know they are cared for?

Invest in you.

No one is ever done growing or learning. There is always something more to learn, a new idea that will help you grow, a new angle that will improve your perspective. When you compare who you were 5 years ago with who you are today, I’m sure you can see improvements because of things you’ve learned through experience and from others. Continue that path. Take yourself on as a project.

The storms that come from outside your organization will always be there, and they will probably come without much warning. Take the time to create a healthy internal atmosphere, and you will be able to endure almost any storm.

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