Jesus Washing Peter's Feet

To Lead, You Must Serve

If leadership is influence, and we have the desire to be leaders, why do we want to influence people? I’m sure there are many answers to that question. Some people want to influence others in order to feel better about themselves. I think that is why there are so many self-help books out there. Others work to influence others for their own gain. Our primary goal at Passavant Leadership Group is to come alongside the leaders of churches, so our reasons are much different than these. We want to partner with leaders in order to advance The Kingdom of God. Our reason for influence is Jesus Christ.

This is why leadership in the church looks so much different than leadership in many companies of the world. Our leadership example did not influence others for His own gain or to feel good about Himself. Instead, He served others in order to influence them….


Pope Francis Washing Feet

Make A Difference In The Lives You Hope To Influence

If you’ve been following the PLG Blog, you probably understand to some extent that Leadership is Influencing People. There are different levels of influence that you can have on others, and they have the ability to influence you as well. Influence, or leadership, happens best through relationships. If you look at the life of Jesus and the people he influenced most, you will see that they were his closest apostles. He was a leader to multitudes of people, but it is those few He invested in who went on to change the world, building His church. Jesus influenced the sick and broken through healing and teaching.

As I was listening to the news earlier today, I heard that Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 inmates at a juvenile detention center in Italy where Holy Thursday Mass was held (read about it here). This act of servanthood is likely to be the catalyst for change in at least one of those twelve inmates, and it is likely to influence many people who hear the story. When I heard the story on the news, they made a point to mention that many of the inmates in that prison are Muslims. Can you see what a difference that serving can have on influence compared to debating and arguing?…


Chris Stark Interviews Mila Kunis about Oz

The Ten Million Hit Leadership Lesson

On March 4, 2013 an interview was published to YouTube. Chris Stark, a rookie reporter from a popular BBC radio show, sat down to interview Mila Kunis. Mila Kunis began her rise to stardom during nine seasons of That 70’s Show; since then, her career and popularity have grown exponentially.

Why do I mention this? Since the seven minute interview hit YouTube less than ten days ago, it has garnered over 10.4 million hits. [You can watch the interview by clicking here.]  That’s an average of over 1 million hits a day. What has made this video of what should have been a fairly boring actress/reporter promotional interview something that more than 10 million people have directed their browsers to see?…


Southwest Airlines

Fight For Your Flight

Recently, my wife was on a business trip. When she returned home, she told me a story of what happened while waiting for the plane to taxi. I asked for her permission to share it, because I believe there is a significant truth in what she and the rest of the passengers experienced. Here is what she told me:

Finding our seats on Flight 551 from Houston to Chicago, our demeanor changed from ordinary to extraordinary. The Southwest employee (we’ll call him Fred) who was greeting as we entered his plane set the tone. When he was asked by one of the customers, “How are you tonight?”, his response was impressionable. “I’m fine as hair on a mouse, and how are you doing?” He continued these types of comments and responses during the loading of the plane. He engaged the passengers by asking trivia questions and telling one line jokes. The atmosphere on the plane was energetic. It was positive and promoted laughter. Fred made the experience enjoyable for all, except for one. This passenger raised his hand, Fred called on him, and what came next changed the climate as the disgruntled passenger asked this question, “Do I have to listen to you much longer?” Fred was stunned with the question as were the rest of the passengers within ear shot. He responded professionally by saying, “No, you don’t.” And with that the air inside of the cabin began to change. No more jokes were offered. No more laughs were heard. All because one person found it to be annoying….