Getting Unstuck

When you are in the middle of the ‘day to day stuff’ of ministry, there are very few easy answers to getting ‘unstuck’. These questions suggested by Tony Morgan are helpful IF they create the basis for a conversation about practical steps that can be pursued to bring about change.

I would recommend you take the top five most relevant to your situation and make them the basis for a ‘half-day’ retreat. Our Leadership Team found that a solid, four-hour, focused time can be extremely productive. Give it a try!

11 Questions Church Leaders Should Be Asking


The Speed Of Change

One of the things that continues to be problematic in the local church is how difficult it is to change some of the ancillary, let alone fundamental, issues that prevent the church from fulfilling its mission.

The church is often structured in such a way that many people share authority, and therefore decisions require a great deal of (sometimes needless) scrutiny by multiple layers of people who might be affected.

It’s not that I believe in authoritarian power in any way. In fact, I’m much more convinced that the Lord leads the church through gifted people who work together in small but effective groups who have responsibility, accountability and authority to make decisions….