Candidate Questionnaire

In the book, Seamless Succession, Dr. Jay devotes a chapter towards the “investigation” stage of pastoral succession. The following is a small sample of the questionnaire that was used in that process. If you would like more information or assistance during this important time in the life of your church, please contact us today! We are available to partner with you. Pastoral succession is not something that should be done alone.

  1. Core Theological Positions

    • Describe your understanding of the “inspiration and authority of Scripture” and your personal position as it comes to The Bible being the “Inspired Word of God.” What does that mean to you and what impact does it have on your preaching of the Word? (See 2 Timothy 3:16)
    • We have a wide continuum of understanding and passion about the person and work of The Holy Spirit. Please state your personal experience of The Holy Spirit in your life and your understanding theologically (from the pages of Scripture), which supports that experience. Beyond that, can you articulate how you would see the church retaining its balance between “openness to the work of The Spirit” and avoiding the “excesses of The Holy Spirit.”
  2. Philosophy of Ministry

    • As responsibilities seem to be growing on the time available to our people, how do you envision growing the volunteer and ministry support base at the church in the coming years? Also, “ministry” can be defined as anything from platform presentations to simply taking a meal to a neighbor in need. Can you give a couple of illustrations of how you hope to broaden the level of ownership of ministry of the church members in the years ahead?
  3. Governance

    • What areas would you propose we need to strengthen in terms of engaging our Elders in ministry and also helping them to support the other Elders who have been released into full time pastoral ministry? In other words, it’s a both/and proposition which continually remains a point of balance.
  4. Vision for the Future

    • As best you understand it at the current time, state some of the key elements that you see as opportunities that might be before us in the next 2-5 years that would give opportunity for adjusting our vision or focusing our vision based on your strengths as a leader.
  5. Personal Disciplines/Spiritual Health

    • Take a few moments and list the disciplines that you find are strongest in your spiritual walk. This could be prayer, reading and interpreting Scripture, journaling, solitude, fasting, and numerous other expressions of your own piety. Don’t be timid about this. If you feel God has strengthened you in these areas then please share that with us and let us celebrate your victories.