Leadership Development and Transitions

Our team has had experience in working with churches of several denominations, as well as non-denominational affiliations. We have a heart for seeing the advancement of God’s Kingdom through the development of strong leadership regardless of denominational background.

From foundational training and problem solving to strategic planning and effective succession planning, the goal of PLG is to come alongside our clients to help them navigate all aspects of leadership.

Over 135 years of experience in ministry leadership.

Passavant Leadership Group has helped to provide primary oversight and leadership in the successful transition of a 4,000 member church from its Founding Pastor to a widely affirmed and accepted successor who has developed a team that has released the church to even greater growth and fruitfulness.

Our leadership has also helped in the transition of a stagnant, older congregation of 200 into a vital, younger church of 1500 in weekly attendance.

We have a wealth of experience in working with much smaller churches in urban, suburban and even rural settings. We understand that every church is called by God, regardless of its size or location, and is placed there to become an agent of life-change and transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Address Problems, Develop Strategies and Cultivate Teams

The main goal of PLG is to help create environments where the presence of God is undeniably at work to effect change and release effective ministry at all levels. It is our conviction that churches are best served when strategies are not just identified and recommended, but also implemented with the help of practiced and committed servant leaders.

Our extensive experience with all sizes and styles of churches helps us listen to our clients and understand their circumstances and situations. We see the most success through partnering with our clients to identify strategies in cultivating qualified leaders who can advance their mission in measurable ways.

Identify, Equip and Deploy Great Leaders in Ministry


Pastoral succession can be a catalyst for overall church growth in this necessary season.


Plateaued or declining attendance can be reversed and growth can be an achievable goal.


Healthy and functional teamwork develops unity and propels the mission of the church forward.


Perceived relevance in the surrounding community plays a large role in your ability to reach more people.


To make disciples is the ultimate call of the church and what brings the greatest reward.

Master Planning

An annual ministry calendar helps to bring unity to the team and allows for stronger focus on ministry.


Whether paid employees or volunteers, the functions of the church are dependent on people.


Creativity with technology in worship and Social Media are great tools to be used in furthering The Kingdom.

Financial Management

Stressful financial management issues pull time and energy away from intentional ministry.