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The local church and all other spiritual institutions rise or fall according to the level of dedicated leadership

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Answering the need for clear thinking and proven Biblical principles that the Church can implement, Seamless Succession identifies and discusses seven principles that leaders can follow to dramatically improve the likelihood and longevity of a successful transition.

Seamless Succession offers a detailed plan with proven concepts for effective transition planning and implementation, proving that the succession process can be a catalyst for overall growth, furthering the end goal ‘to make disciples of all nations’.



Pastoral succession can be a catalyst for overall church growth in this necessary season.


Plateaued or declining attendance can be reversed and growth can be an achievable goal.


Healthy and functional teamwork develops unity and propels the mission of the church forward.


Dr. Jay Passavant


Dr. Jay Passavant received a commission in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1970, and following his service was ordained in the UPUSA for over seven years. In 1981, with the support of his wife Carol, he launched North Way Christian Community near Pittsburgh, PA, and led the church for over three decades before passing the torch to North Way’s current lead pastor. Jay is also the author of Seamless Succession, giving practical steps for healthy pastoral succession and proving that succession can be a catalyst for growth within the church.

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Dr. Jay Passavant

Lee Kricher


Lee Kricher is the Senior Pastor of Amplify Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a church that underwent a major transformation. Declining church attendance was reversed and the average age of the members and attendees decreased by 15 years. He is also the author of For a New Generation, a book about the church’s journey that is written as a guide for those who want their church to more effectively reach and continue to reach the next generation.

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Lee Kricher

Tony LaMarca


Tony LaMarca has 22 years of experience in Student Ministry, Church Technology and Worship. His broad range of understanding gives him unique insight into relational leadership in churches of any size. Tony’s passions are discipleship and worship, and he has a special gift for bringing unity and direction to ministry teams. He has earned a BA in Student Ministry from Geneva College and is completing his MDiv through Fuller Theological Seminary. With expertise in worship, technology and digital media, Tony is able to quickly evaluate needs and provide cost-effective strategies for improvement. He currently serves as Worship Pastor at The Bride Church in Yuba City, CA.

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Amy D'Ambrosio

Director of Communications

Amy D’Ambrosio has significant experience in the areas of marketing, public relations, organizational development, and sales. Serving as the communications director for Gateway Rehab, one of the top ten non-profit organizations in America, she helped rebrand and revitalize the organization’s image and messaging. Her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Grove City College gives her insight into how teams can best work together in accomplishing their goals, and she understands how to help propel teams and leaders forward.



One of the greatest resources in helping me think outside the box in leadership is TED: Ideas worth spreading. There are some amazing talks by incredible people there, and it is all free. I recently came across a talk by Simon Sinek from 2010 that looks at why some people are able to defy the odds




In today’s culture it’s easy to believe that leaders “stand out” based on external or easily observed qualities. It may be their physical presence or command of a room as they speak. It may be the way that they always seem to be “in control” no matter what the situation. Over the next several weeks,




Continued from last week, here is the conclusion of our review of the 12 great principles of communication… Winston Churchill was a great leader and a great communicator. He was a man fit for his time. Some called him “the voice of England” because he could communicate in such a way that it captured the