You've Got To Be Bold!

Bold Move

One of the more recent debates concerning our economic condition is the “anemic” or very slow growth that we seem to be experiencing. Almost everyone agrees that 2% growth over the long haul does not make for a strong and vibrant economy.

In the same way, if we settle for incremental personal growth over the long haul, we will seldom see the breakthrough that we deeply desire in our own sphere of influence and calling. In my experience, it may not happen often, but at occasional moments one must be willing to step out on the platform and pretty much “take a risk,” make a “bold move” or simply “take a stand” in order for a greater vision to emerge.

When David stood before Goliath it wasn’t to simply match wits with the giant; he knew he had one shot to get it right, and he relied on his experience and primarily his faith in God to make it happen. This bold move not only killed the giant, but also catapulted David into the position of incredible influence and significance throughout the history of the nation of Israel.

As we launch the Passavant Leadership Group, we know that for many of us this is the “bold move” that we may not have anticipated a few years ago. However, we’re also confident that God is in it and that we are prepared to serve those whom God would send to us in any way possible. Our prayer is that you would have the same resolution toward every opportunity that comes your way!

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